Friday, September 7, 2012

Welcome to the 2012-2013 Kiddie Warriors School Year


We are excited to get this blog/website up and running as the hub of our communication for Kiddie Warriors!

Here, we'll make sure to put any announcements, calendars, lists or information you may need to ensure success this school year.

We'll also be recapping any events or special happenings, as well as various updates throughout the year.  Many of you have family and friends that do not live locally. They are not able to see the beautiful creations your kids make or see first-hand what they are learning and the activites they are participating in.  By having these posts, you can share this blog with your loved ones so they can follow your Kiddie Warrior along during their school year!

If you haven't already joined, there is a Facebook Group for Kiddie Warrior parents.  This is a space to share quick announcements, ask questions or share.  If you need to be added to the group (or if you have any questions, concerns or thoughts regarding our blog), contact Steph Anderson, our acting "media coordinator":

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