Friday, November 2, 2012

The Power of Preschoolers: Hurricane Sandy Donations

This week, in the wake of the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, the Kiddie Warrior community banded together to collect donations for several community shelters that are in need in the state of New Jersey.  The group was informed by a New Jersey resident of the specific needs, and no sooner had the list been distributed when the donations started pouring in!

The POWER of Preschoolers!

So happy to donate!

In the matter of two days, the Kiddie Warrior families amassed a large amount of toiletries and clothing to donate to the effort. No urging was needed, no pleading. The Kiddie Warriors community jumped at the chance to help.

The donation effort opened opportunities, both at home and at school, to help the Kiddie Warrior students understand what happened with Hurricane Sandy: many people in our state and states nearby are unable to be in their houses, shower, eat because Hurricane Sandy had affected their homes and things.  

Big Teachers incorporated Hurricane Sandy Donations into Friday's (11/2) lessons.  The kids had the chance to write a letter to the people of New Jersey (with the help of their Big Teachers, of course!).  In the letters, the Kiddie Warriors answered the questions, "When I need help, my big teachers..." and "I hope I can help you..."  GREAT questions to get the kids thinking about their needs and the needs of others!
Letters from the Kiddie Warriors.

"I hope I can help by making you smile!
I hope all the things we gave you will help you!" - Brandon

"I hope I can help you be happy." - CJ

It is these lessons that will help build empathy and compassion in our kids.We are so fortunate 
to be a part of the Kiddie Warriors community!

We are honored to help the Hurricane Sandy Relief Effort!