Friday, November 2, 2012

The Power of Preschoolers: Hurricane Sandy Donations

This week, in the wake of the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, the Kiddie Warrior community banded together to collect donations for several community shelters that are in need in the state of New Jersey.  The group was informed by a New Jersey resident of the specific needs, and no sooner had the list been distributed when the donations started pouring in!

The POWER of Preschoolers!

So happy to donate!

In the matter of two days, the Kiddie Warrior families amassed a large amount of toiletries and clothing to donate to the effort. No urging was needed, no pleading. The Kiddie Warriors community jumped at the chance to help.

The donation effort opened opportunities, both at home and at school, to help the Kiddie Warrior students understand what happened with Hurricane Sandy: many people in our state and states nearby are unable to be in their houses, shower, eat because Hurricane Sandy had affected their homes and things.  

Big Teachers incorporated Hurricane Sandy Donations into Friday's (11/2) lessons.  The kids had the chance to write a letter to the people of New Jersey (with the help of their Big Teachers, of course!).  In the letters, the Kiddie Warriors answered the questions, "When I need help, my big teachers..." and "I hope I can help you..."  GREAT questions to get the kids thinking about their needs and the needs of others!
Letters from the Kiddie Warriors.

"I hope I can help by making you smile!
I hope all the things we gave you will help you!" - Brandon

"I hope I can help you be happy." - CJ

It is these lessons that will help build empathy and compassion in our kids.We are so fortunate 
to be a part of the Kiddie Warriors community!

We are honored to help the Hurricane Sandy Relief Effort!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Gardening with Chester County Food Bank

Today, the Kiddie Warriors had a gardening treat!  The entire morning was spent preparing two new garden beds in the courtyard. The food beds are part of a project from the Chester County Food Bank. The CCFB has created 110 raised garden bed locations in Chester County. Apart from beautifying the area, the gardens are food resources.  The gardens grow herbs and vegetables for harvest: 70% going to the Food Bank, the rest to the garden hosts.  It's a win-win for everyone!

Mary Kay and Andrea from the Chester County Food Bank were gracious directors amidst the chaos of the Kiddie Warriors!  Their patience (and humor) were much appreciated!  Together with some of the Henderson High School Students and and parent helper Mr. Brown, Mary Kay and Andrea built 2 new beds.  Once the carpentry was complete, the Kiddie Warrior came out to help prepare the beds (ie: lining the bottoms with newspaper) and filling the beds with soil. 

I'm sure it comes as no surprise that the Kiddie Warriors were HAPPY to get their hands dirty with the project (pun intended!).  The kids scaled the "mountain" of dirt, filled buckets, transported the dirt and burned off energy by running around.  It is fun to see the kids more and more comfortable with their Big Teachers. The Big Teachers are doing a fantastic job with the kids!

We look forward to seeing what grows in the new garden beds, and happy to help the CC Food Bank with the harvest.  We hope projects like this instill a passion for community and helping those in need in our young students!

If you would like more information about being a part of the Raised Garden Bed Program, here is the online brochure.

See below for some (read: a ton) of pictures from today's Chester County Food Bank Garden Project!

The supplies

The current garden beds about to grow by 2.

2 sides up! 2 sides to go!

The beds come together quite quickly!

Hammering and Drilling the supports

A future Kiddie Warrior learning about spreading the soil
(Andrea and Mary Kay were fantastic with the kids!)

The Kiddie Warriors arrive. Senna surveys the garden bed progress.

Madi happy to help!

Emily and Alex like working as a team.

Laying paper before the beds are filled with dirt.

It's a big. Pile. Of. DIRT!
Dirt, dirt and more dirt! Senna and Rayne were all about dirt!

Riley loves gardening!

Putting finishing touches on the beds.

Angel excited for dirt!

Brandon and CJ stopped for a photo opp.

Lexy acted as fore(wo)man.

Brooke took charge with a shovel and bucket.

Vincenza and her dad drilling a few last holes to complete the bed.

First of many filled buckets!

Brody was a hard worker.

The girls did not let the dirt hold them back!

Jared was particularly stylish in his froggy work boots.

Marla wielded shovels with reckless abandon.

Lilly did a great job filling the bucket with dirt.

Dig, dig, digging away! 

Some chose to be more private about their work.
We respect that at Kiddie Warriors.

Don't they look like cute little ants on an anthill?

One filled, one to go!

Friday, September 28, 2012

Back-to-School BBQ and Open House {9/27}

The 2012 Back-to-School BBQ and Open House was a great success!  The Big Teachers did a fantastic job organizing the event: from the food, to the flow of the evening and keeping the kids excited and occupied!  

There are many events throughout the year, and the sign-up sheets for parent/food volunteers were very creative!  If you did not get a chance to sign up, we'll be sending out the "holes" to be filled. We will also send out reminders before the event so you have ample time to whip up food or take time off work to attend the party.

Love the creativity in these sign-ups!

So many fun events to look forward to :)

The Kiddie Warriors were excited to see not only each other (Summer is a long time to be away from your friends!), but to meet their *new* Big Teachers for the 2012-2013 school year.  The Big Teachers made sure to introduce themselves, even if the kids were a bit shy. Many even ate their meal alongside their students.

Dig in! 

The Kiddie Warrior family

The evening ended with a yummy dessert spread. Thank you to the parents for providing appetizers and tasty treats!

Yum! Who needs dinner when there is dessert?

Loved this cupcake caterpillar - great job, Julie P!
The kids even got a little gift bag to take home :)

Here's looking forward to a fantastic year!

Friday, September 7, 2012

2012-2013 KW Supply List

The First Day

  • Plastic coloring box/pencil box.  (Name must be on the outside or inside of the box).
  • 4 glue sticks
  • A box of 12 crayons       
  • *No markers, pens, or colored pencils please!*
  • 1 boxes of tissues
  • An extra outfit, just in case, place in plastic bag with name on the bag and on clothes.
  • A smock or an old shirt for art activities—write child’s name on the collar
  • Back pack with your child’s name on it

Make sure to place your child's name on EVERYTHING with a sharpie or permanent marker.

Open House Welcome Back BBQ: Thursday 9/27

You are cordially invited to our 

2012-2013 Kiddie Warrior

*Welcome Back BBQ!*
Food, Fun, and Family!

Date: Thursday, September 27, 2012

Time: 6-7:30 pm

Where: Henderson High School Courtyard

What We'll Be Serving: Burgers and Hot Dogs

Please bring…

If your last name begins A-L ----> an appetizer

If your last name begins M-Z -----> a dessert

RSVP by September 14, 2012 

RSVP to 


See you then! ☺

Welcome to the 2012-2013 Kiddie Warriors School Year


We are excited to get this blog/website up and running as the hub of our communication for Kiddie Warriors!

Here, we'll make sure to put any announcements, calendars, lists or information you may need to ensure success this school year.

We'll also be recapping any events or special happenings, as well as various updates throughout the year.  Many of you have family and friends that do not live locally. They are not able to see the beautiful creations your kids make or see first-hand what they are learning and the activites they are participating in.  By having these posts, you can share this blog with your loved ones so they can follow your Kiddie Warrior along during their school year!

If you haven't already joined, there is a Facebook Group for Kiddie Warrior parents.  This is a space to share quick announcements, ask questions or share.  If you need to be added to the group (or if you have any questions, concerns or thoughts regarding our blog), contact Steph Anderson, our acting "media coordinator":